The NASUWT offers high quality training for its representatives with good reason - the more knowledge you have the better you can perform your role.

We strongly recommend that all our representatives attend as many relevant courses as they can.

By law officials of recognised trade unions are entitled to time off from work for trade union training, and an employer is legally obliged to permit trade union representatives to take time off during their working hours. This only applies however to NASUWT, TUC, or NICICTU approved courses.

The nearest available training centre for Luton members is Eastern Regional Centre located in Bury St. Edmunds, but you are free to book your course at any other suitable venue that is listed.

Click here for a complete list of available NASUWT training courses.

Eligibility to attend a training course

The course must be related to or connected with carrying our your Union role.

Amount of time off allowed

The law says that trade union representatives should be given 'reasonable' time off for training, but does not define what reasonable means. However, a TUC course for workplace representatives that lasts for 10 days has been judged 'reasonable' by an Employment Tribunal.

Payment for time off

Union representatives must be paid for time off when undertaking union training.

Informing your Headteacher

You should always notify your Headteacher as soon as reasonably possible about your course so that cover arrangements may be made. You should also provide your Headteacher with a copy of the course program.

What if time off for training is refused by your Headteacher?

You should contact your Local Secretary as soon as possible by email: