Timothy Charles Ramsden

3rd June 1949 - 7th June 2016

National Executive Member Area 18

Goodbye old friend

I was always proud to call Tim a friend, a man of immense intellect and true conviction who lived and breathed NASUWT. He helped me and so many other people throughout his distinguished service for the Union that I feel his passing has to be marked.

I first came across him in the late 70s when I was the Luton representative on the Bedfordshire Executive, he was a young teacher surrounded by some very strong characters but wasn't at all intimidated and impressed us all with his debating ability. He also impressed us all with his ability to polish off most of the sandwiches supplied at those meetings in various pubs.

Over the years, Tim took on more responsibility in the Union both locally and Nationally and was held in high regard by everyone. Anyone who met him will know that the interests of the 'chalkface' teacher was closest to his heart and he worked tirelessly to represent us, and managed to save many careers. Heads probably took one look at him and thought they were in for an easy ride, but his razor sharp intellect usually took them apart. Appearance was never important to Tim and his dress sense was non-existent, in fact at the last Scarborough conference, some of the ladies in the group decided to give him a makeover and took him shopping. When he came back decked out in his new clothes, he was transformed and gave an outstanding Conference speech. Unfortunately, he then carried on wearing the same clothes for the next 5 years!

When we went to the Belfast conference, we flew from Luton airport and we discovered that he had never flown before and he needed a lot of reassurance during the flight.

Tim must have travelled thousands of miles on behalf of the Union and its members. His car was a sight to behold, full of paper, empty plastic bottles, oranges and banana peel, rumour has it that he only changed his car when it was FULL! Even towards the end when he was patently unwell, he still rolled in those miles on behalf of those he represented.

The Union was his home and members were his family. There won't be another one like him.

Goodbye my old friend, I'm going to miss you, but you will be honoured by the legacy you left behind.

Bryn Hughes 10th June 2016