Mental health has been an important issue for teachers in recent years, and the issue of workplace stress is getting worse.

The NASUWT Big Question Survey 2016 found that:

'When teachers were asked about how their school views their wellbeing, almost two thirds of teachers (64%) reported that their wellbeing is not considered important by the school and more than four fifths (85%) said that their job has impacted negatively on their wellbeing.

More than four fifths of teachers (83%) stated that they have experienced more workplace stress in the last 12 months, an increase of 6% since this question was first asked in 2012.'

Much has been written about diferent methods for relieving the symptoms of stress, especially meditation, Tai Chi, and yoga.

However, such methods do not address the underlying causes of stress.

Addressing the causes of stress is where NASUWT can help, especially through following National Instructions on Action Short of Strike Action (ASOSA) that are aimed at reducing the increased workload pressures being applied to teachers.

The NASUWT Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing can be downloaded here.